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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl and Sputnik kept dry on the stone steps down to the creek while Racer and Griff waded around for a bit at the beginning of our walk. We went at a pretty slow pace again today. Racer was very interested in the family of geese, and she hopped at them as we passed by. One goose replied with a hiss, but didn't advance on us.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Dylan had a fun afternoon at the Valmont Dog Park. There were several other dogs there, including a playful, white Husky who kept running by. Ruffers and Dylan both half-heartedly followed after him while some of the other dogs ran in hot pursuit. There was one dog Ruffers kept trying to mount whenever they started to play. Dylan went and soaked in the ditch water at the south end of the park. I rinsed him off in the kiddie pool afterwards, but he still came away with a lingering odor of detritus from the muddy ditch water.


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