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Tuesday Pack Activities (8/23/2022)

Adventure Pack

It was good to be back out with the pack today after a nice vacation to visit family and friends back East. Griff, Carl, Racer and Sputnik headed to the Red Rocks Spurs and Boulder Creek. Griff picked up his routine rhythm without skipping a beat. Carl seemed a little bit out of sorts as he was a little more wary of other hikers we encountered, particularly when they approached us from the side along intersecting trails or they came up from behind us. Sputnik moved along at a slower pace than usual today, but he did okay. He is on antibiotics at the moment and will hopefully be feeling better by next week. Racer really enjoyed wading through the Silver Lake Ditch and sniffing in the grass in the park as we walked the Boulder Creek Path.

Variety Pack

Dylan and Petie headed to the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. It wasn't very busy when we arrived, but there was a steady trickle of new friends while we were there. Dylan and Petie were both eager to go up and sniff hello with each dog who arrived. They also both had fun rolling around in the grass at the north end of the park and dipping their paws in the kiddie pool at the south end.


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