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Wednesday Pack Activites

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan had some fun running around together when they first went off leash during our hike on the Mesa Trail, this morning. Soon after, they met a friend who also ran with them. Sputnik stayed relatively calm while his packmates played with their new friend. He was very curious as he watched them running, but didn't get growly or try to pull me over. He did stop to mark a couple spots where the others had lingered along the trail. Dylan was satisfied after a little jaunt, but Ruffers kept running and running with the other dog until they finally had to part as we were heading off in different directions. Dylan tried to impersonate a mountain goat further up the trail and caused a miniature rockslide, so I called to him to come back down to the beaten path.

Variety Pack

Imogene was wild with excitement to see Rey today. She mouthed Rey's head when they came to the house before our walk, as Rey Sumo-wrestled her. Zoey also joined in the wrestling. Imogene took a little longer than usual to settle down once we were out walking on leash, but she did eventually relax and fall into pace. We stopped at the park beside Wonderland Lake and I threw some snowballs for the girls. Rey was quick to catch them. Zoey saw me throwing the first few to Rey, and was ready when I tossed some her way. Imogene was distracted by everything, so the snowballs just hit her as she looked all around and tried to find the previously thrown snowballs in the rest of the snow that was on the ground.