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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers bounded through the snow and play-bowed, poised to bolt as soon as Dylan made a move. They had a long stare-off, and Ruffers couldn't take the anticipation any longer. She ran toward Dylan then turned up the trail. Dylan jogged after her with a much more casual pace than her own, and then they weaved around through a small wooded area opposite the Bluebell-Mesa branch off of the Chautauqua Trail. Shortly after that, a couple hikers came sliding down a stretch of the slushy trail, and Dylan ran up to them, barking. He went back on the leash after that display, and I kept him on until we came to an area with no other people around. Sputnik and Ruffers got a turn off-leash together, and Sputnik took over the role that Ruffers had played with Dylan. After that, Dylan and Sputnik got to run around together for a bit.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Rey, and Zoey were all excited to run up and down the trail together at CU South this afternoon. The trail was quite muddy, as the snowfall had begun to melt. Zoey was soon satisfied with the frolicking and turned her attention to sniffing around instead, while Rey and Poppy continued to sprint up and down the trail and through the snowy field beside it. The pack had a lot of fun in the early first snowfall of the season.


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