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Wednesday Pack Activities (1/25/2023)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan were making friendly greetings with an off-leash dog while I was giving treats to Riley and Avo as they sat at the side of the trail with me. Riley decided to bolt when I wasn't prepared and pulled her leash out from my hands as she charged at the other dog with her jaws snapping, giving them and their guardian a scare. At least Riley backed off as quickly as she came on and the other dog didn't react much. Ruffers and Dylan remained calm and amiable during the brief encounter. Avo let out a couple barks but thankfully didn't go after the other dog at all while I caught Riley and got her back under control.Riley got a stern talking to as I had her lay on her side for a few minutes after that, to convey that her aggressive outburst was totally unacceptable. We passed a few other dogs afterwards and Riley didn't make any moves toward them. Avo poked at my hand to make sure she got a treat for being good. Everyone got treats after the pleasant encounters we had with other dogs afterwards.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Griff, Rey, Archie and Imogene headed to the Boulder Creek Path for an afternoon stroll. We encountered very few people or dogs along the way, but we did pass a flock of geese out in front of the library. Archie and Rey were both very interested in the geese and strained at their leashes to try to get to them, but without lunging. Imogene got into a playful mood after our pack photo, and Archie was quick to respond. Rey showed maturity by not getting involved, and even stepped in between the other two at one point, without engaging, to break up their wrestling and help shift their focus back to walking. Griff and Ruffers were model walkers, as usual.

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