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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik roamed Shanahan Ridge together, sniffing and marking various trees along the way. Dylan got a little grass on his butt from an early roll, but then stayed upright for the remainder of the hike. The boys both tended to scout up ahead a bit, but didn't wander too far and were quick to return to me when other hikers approached and I called them back. We got back to the trail head with a bit of time to spare, so I brought the dogs for another short loop in a different direction. Dylan was a bit hesitant to continue on once we made it back to our starting point. Once we were about halfway around that short loop, it took some coaxing to convince Dylan to keep moving, as he thought we were just heading off for another whole hike.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Rey couldn't get enough of each other in the packmobile, before our walk. They tried to continue their wrestling match when we set out, so I had to take a minute to get their attentions and get them on track to walk. After all I've talked about Zoey's habit of stopping at her known points of interest, she actually skipped a couple this time around Wonderland Lake. It was indeed Rey who was the most avid sniffer of the pack today. Her nose has been leading her more and more lately. Imogene and Zoey were happy to check things out in Rey's wake, but with less zeal driving them.


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