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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo enjoyed a solo hike today, as Ruffers was out for eye surgery and Dylan is visiting his friends in Tahoe. She opted to munch on snow instead of sticks this time out. She stuck pretty close to my side and frequently mugged me for treats by coming up beside me, poking my hand with her nose, and staring at me with a very expectant look on her face.

Variety Pack

Imogene was avid about playing fetch, as she always is when we go to the dog park. Rey and Archie ran with the others as they chased tennis balls, and also enjoyed a few chases with other dogs at the park. As exuberant as they were about running after the ball, they failed to follow through with retrieval. Carl picked up the slack whenever Imogene didn't beat him to it. I held Imogene back some of the time to give Carl a chance. Zoey found a ball of her own and was mostly entertained by flaunting it around the park, but she did bring it over to me to throw for her a few times. When a woman with a treat pouch showed up at the park, Zoey spent the rest of the visit following her around. Rey had some fun wrestling around with their dog while Zoey and Carl sought all the pets they could get, and Imogene just followed me around with the tennis ball, sticking her head through my legs to drop it at my feet from behind.

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