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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Avo both chomped on some chunks of icy, packed snow that they found along the sides of the trail. Griff and Milo weren't interested in the snow, and just trotted along. Griff and Avo roamed a bit together, but both stayed pretty close to me and their packmates who were on leash.

Variety Pack

The Boulder Creek Path was very quiet this afternoon. Carl has learned all the spots that Zoey has always liked to stop at, and now he is the one who makes sure we go and check all of them even when Zoey might pass them by. Imogene found some twigs to chew on along the way today. Carl and Archie were both envious of Imogene's finds, which she flaunted with great flamboyance. Archie was tripping over himself trying to walk while totally focused on Imogene; Carl devoted all his efforts to trying to steal the twigs out of Imogene's mouth, to no avail. Rey, Milo and Zoey all walked calmly in formation.


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