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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Bear was in and out of the creek pretty quickly during our first stop, while Dylan and Archie lingered in the water, and Avo stayed dry. Avo climbed in with her packmates when we made another stop a bit further down the creek. Archie unsuccessfully tried to derail Bear during the return leg of our walk by crossing behind me and jumping on him. Bear didn't take the bait and Archie eventually settled down.

Variety Pack

The cloud cover we had this afternoon was welcome as the pack walked the Boulder Creek Path. Racer, Lou and Lumi were first in the water, with Sanni following close behind them. Alfie and Buddy kept to the shallowest areas at the water's edge. Buddy made it challenging to keep leashes untangled, as he loves crossing underneath Alfie and does it readily and with ease on a frequent basis. Alfie and Lumi had a playful moment and started dodging and jumping around with each other. Meanwhile, Sanni and Racer often pulled over into the brush at my other side, seeking out smells. Alfie snatched up a piece of bread that was on the ground at Eben G. Fine Park, but he gave it up a lot more readily than his Monday find. Lou and Lumi made good examples for their packmates as they kept their places nicely throughout the walk.


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