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Wednesday Pack Activities (12/13/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan abstained from rolling in snow today, but Bear partook on our way up Bluebell Road. He also enjoyed chomping on some snow as he leapt around in the field beside the trail as we hiked Enchanted Mesa. Dylan, Milo and Ruffers were all tamer in their demeanors.

Variety Pack

Buddy, Lumi, Milo and Archie were all wrestling with each other before today's pack walk. Alfie joined in for a minute, but mostly reclined and observed the hubbub amongst his packmates. We headed to the trails at CU South. The trails at the Chautauqua were icy and snowy for our morning hike; the trails at CU South were starting to get muddy, as most of the snow and ice has melted away.


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