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Wednesday Pack Activities (12/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Bear were our lead investigators during today's hike, stopping to sniff various points along the way. Ruffers sometimes joined in to check things out with them, while Milo wasn't that interested in the scents his packmates found. Bear had some very playful energy when he was off leash, and zoomed back and forth by the rest of the pack who were all walking calmly on the trail with me.

Variety Pack

Archie played with Buddy and Milo at the house before our walk while Alfie chewed on a bone. As we made our way around Wonderland Lake, there were a few occasions when Alfie perked up at the sight of a rabbit, but he didn't lunge for them like the other day. Archie got pretty worked up about each passing dog we saw. Buddy, in turn, got excited about how excited Archie was, and then would cross behind me to dive into Archie's side. Their little outbursts were brief, and I easily got them refocused on walking in place with their packmates.


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