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Wednesday Pack Activities (12/27/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear remained upright throughout today's hike, while Dylan found some snow to roll around in. Along with Milo and Ruffers, they did a great job pulling off to the side of the trail to let others pass by. Everyone was rewarded for their good manners with treats. No sighting of the pigeons today - perhaps they have moved on.

Variety Pack

Milo, Lou, Taco, Gidget, Blu, Monkey, Alfie and Archie all headed around Wonderland Lake this afternoon with a hand from Jen. Blu pulled off to the side a lot to sniff and leave scent marks. Monkey and Archie pulled ahead a bit, and Archie had to be kept on a short leash when passing other dogs. Every so often, Lou stopped to make sure her group with Jen wasn't getting too far ahead of the rest of us. Alfie, Taco, Milo and Gidget all followed pace pretty reliably throughout. There were smiles on a lot of the faces of people who walked by, as they admired the furry troop, and a few commented on how cute they all were.

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