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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We came across a pretty empty and open stretch of trail at the Chautauqua this morning, so Sputnik was able to join Dylan off leash for a bit. There were a couple forks along the way where Dylan had different ideas about which trail we should be taking, but he wasn't too stubborn when he saw me heading the other way. I stopped to offer Sputnik some water at one point, and Dylan came and sat at my feet with his back to me, implicitly requesting some love. I also offered him a drink from the CamelBak, but he was only interested in a back rub.

Variety Pack

Poppy was very happy to be back with the pack after sitting out for a short while, and her friend Rey gave her a very enthusiastic greeting. We stopped at the house before our walk around Wonderland Lake, and the pair of them wrestled around for a bit. Rey kept mouthing Poppy's ears and sometimes her entire head, while they smiled, panted, and Sumo-wrestled each other around the living room. The walk itself was very nice. There were a couple times Rey and Poppy got quite excited about a passing dog, but managed to regain composure pretty quickly.


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