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Wednesday Pack Activities (2/21/2024)

Adventure Pack

The dogs were all extremely interested in the scents along the first stretch of the connector trail at Shanahan Ridge today. A little later, Bear and Dylan both shouldered down into the snow. Ruffers munched on some snow. There were a couple times when Lucy became extremely focused on some random spot in the grass and then pounced, which leads me to believe she was on the hunt for field mice. Dylan, Bear and Ruffers were all oblivious to whatever caught Lucy's interest.

Variety Pack

Jen lent a hand with this afternoon's pack walk with Alfie, Lumi, Lou, Buddy, Blu, Griff, Gidget and Ruffers. The prairie dogs were out in force today. Alfie lunged toward the first one we encountered. Lumi was also pretty focused on it, but contained himself. The rest of the pack didn't show a lot of interest. The pack was insistent on making stops to sniff in the grass and bushes beside the path. At one point, Ruffers snuck up under Griff's back leg to get in on the olfactory action, and Griff was entirely unperturbed by the intrusion. Buddy kept turning around to try to get Ruffers to play with him while we walked, but Ruffers didn't take the bait. Blu and Buddy didn't like when the other troop were ahead of them, and tended to pull more then, but were fine when they were in the lead pack. Buddy gave a jump and a woof to a skateboarder who passed by, and Alfie started a bit as well. Lou and Gidget walked in place wonderfully, but were eager to join in the sniffing parties.


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