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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Dylan, and Sputnik all seemed extra excited to come out for the hike this morning. In Sputnik's case, I think it was because he smelled the treats in my pocket, as he kept poking his nose at them. For Dylan and Ruffers, they just seemed to be in great moods, and eager to head out. Sputnik again stayed calm even when passing other dogs on the trail. Dylan sniffed hello with a couple dogs we came across who were also off leash. There was a bush with reddish, prickly-looking leaves that Ruffers and Sputnik both checked out thoroughly. When I squatted down to snap a photo of them, Dylan came right over to get some love.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Ruffers, Imogene, and Mamacita headed to Boulder Creek this afternoon. There were no geese in the creek or at the Kids' Fishing Pond, thus there was no goose poop to attract the dogs. Imogene threw her head around randomly every once in a while, but did a pretty good job of staying in formation with her packmates. Ruffers tried mounting Zoey several times, much like Avo often does. I don't know what it is about Zoey, but she really gets her packmates worked up - male and female alike. Imogene got Mamacita to hop around with her a little bit at Eben G. Fine Park, near the end of the walk. Rey was most interested in the other dogs we passed, and tried to entice them to come play while I tried, with mixed success, to recapture her attention.


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