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Wednesday Pack Activities (3/13/2024)

Adventure Pack

Lucy kept calm with the pack alongside Bear, Ruffers and Dylan as we passed some dogs early on in our hike to Enchanted Mesa today. Shortly after that, we came by a pair of chittering squirrels who were chasing each other up and down the trees around the trail. That was too much excitement for Lucy, and her calm broke as she tried to lunge in their general direction. The squirrels were making such a commotion, I was actually surprised the rest of the pack didn't follow suit with Lucy. After that, Ruffers and Dylan led the way together until they found an interesting spot to sniff and then fell way behind. They caught up and then repeated that pattern a couple times.

Variety Pack

After a midday shower between packs, it was dry for our afternoon walk around Wonderland Lake, ahead of the big winter storm that's supposed to hit tonight. Alfie and Griff were both in a mood to kick up dirt after marking points of interest along the way. Buddy didn't have Archie to harass today, so he turned his mid-walk tackling attempts on Ruffers and Alfie - both of whom ignored his antics.


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