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Wednesday Pack Activities (3/27/2024)

Adventure Pack

Spring sprang strong,

And, having sprung,

It brought a string of things along:

Birds on wing, with mating songs,

Busy bugs buzzing all day long...

But they were wrong.

It snowed again.

Inspired by the moment when Lucy pounced at a passing butterfly on our hike. Having missed her erratic and elusive target, her paws planted into the snowbank beside the trail. Dylan enjoyed the lingering snow from earlier this week in his usual way - rolling around in it. Bear found a good stretch of snow to shoulder down into, and then he torpedoed across the surface as he does. He also enjoyed bounding around on his own, ahead of the pack. We encountered a friendly, all-black dog who looked like some sort of shepherd - but not a German Shepherd - whose name was also Bear. Ruffers didn't perform any snow-related antics like her packmates; she just trotted along on trail and stopped to sniff now and then.

Variety Pack

Goose Creek Greenway had almost no snow remaining along it, so the dogs poked around in the grass instead. Jen lent a hand as today's pack was packed with Ruffers, Arlo, Griff, Alfie, Buddy, Archie, Lumi and Racer. The sun felt nice, though the breeze was a bit chilly. Archie walked beside Alfie and gave his big packmate kisses every so often while on the move. Buddy kept launching himself at Griff and Ruffers, who both ignored the playfully-spirited transgressions. Lumi found a remaining patch of snow in the shade, which drew him with purpose to lie down and cool off on. Racer and Arlo trotted nicely with the group, along for the ride.


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