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Wednesday Pack Activities (3/29/2023)

Adventure Pack

On our way up the trail, an Australian Shepherd rushed down toward us with an intense focus. Avo didn't like the approach and started barking, which stopped the other dog in their tracks. Bear gave a little grumble beside Avo, but wasn't nearly as animated as her. Dylan and Ruffers didn't react at all. Avo kept her cool with every other dog we passed afterward, as did the rest of the pack. Bear and Avo's off leash time together was a balance of play and exploration. Ruffers and Dylan stuck to the trail and were pretty mellow today. Ruffers and Avo ate some snow. Bear rubbed his neck in some mud early on and then rubbed in some snow a bit later.

Variety Pack

Rey and Blu had their noses in the grass for pretty much the entire walk today along the Bear Creek Greenway. Meanwhile, Archie was looking around and had some difficulty keeping his place in the group, especially whenever there was another dog walking on the path within sight of us. Lou, Imogene and Griff stayed in formation and on pace for the most part, aside from Imogene occasionally shuffling her position. Without Zoey in the group, the dogs would have passed right by the mile marker boulder without a second thought; but I brought them over to check it out anyway. There was one spot in the grass near the basketball courts, a little further down the path, which drew everyone's intense interest. We hung out there for a couple minutes while Lou, Griff, Imogene, Rey, Archie and Blu all kept checking and double-checking a broad patch of grass.


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