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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The only time Dylan rolled in the snow today was on a rough, icy section of packed-down trail. I suggested that he might have a better time wiggling in deeper, fluffier snow, but he was done after that. Ruffers tried to get him to run again today, but he stuck to a steady pace ahead of me and Sputnik on the trail while she ran through the snow beside him. At the beginning of the 1st Flatiron Trail, Ruffers ran ahead to greet some other off-leash dogs. Dylan picked his pace up to a jog and followed up behind her. They made friends with the other dogs while Sputnik and I hung out at the fork in the trail. After a couple minutes, Dylan headed back over to us. Ruffers eked out every bit of play she could get from their encounter until the divergence of our respective paths was clear.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Rey, and Zoey were all feeling very playful today. As soon as they all hopped out of the packmobile at Martin Park, Imogene was on top of Rey. They dodged and wrestled, and Zoey joined in to hop around with them as well. After that first bout, Zoey settled into the walk; Imogene and Rey, on the other hand, were just waiting for the next moment of down time to fill with play. Whenever Zoey paused to sniff around a bit, Imogene was quick to pounce at Rey and resume their wrestling match.


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