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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoey, Dylan, Ruffers, and Sputnik all took turns off-leash in pairs today. Sputnik was a little too excited about having Zoey in the pack, and tried to mount her several times over the course of the hike, with no resistance from her. Ruffers thought that seemed like a good idea and gave it a go once, as well. While I enforced a no-mounting-Zoey policy with Sputnik and Ruffers, Dylan led the way up the trail, as usual.

Variety Pack

Lizzo and Imogene could not contain their excitement at the start of our walk this afternoon. Lizzo slipped her collar and ran circles around us for a little while before she moved in to wrestle with Carl and I was able to get her leashed up again. I was very proud of Rey, who seemed to recognize that her packmates were being extra rowdy and needed a good example. She stayed calm and composed while I wrangled the puppies and got everyone back on track. After the first 15 minutes, the rest of the walk went quite smoothly, aside from a couple more, briefer tantrums from Lizzo.


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