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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan wallowed in the stream at Gregory Canyon while Sputnik and Ruffers cooled off by standing in the ankle-to-knee-deep water. After the refreshment, the pack kept a slow-but-steady pace up the Saddle Rock Trail, to our next pit stop further upstream. Dylan led the way back down, while Ruffers and Sputnik poked along with me.

Variety Pack

After missing last week, Lizzo was pumped to see her buddy Carl today. When we first set out for our walk on the Wonderland Creek Path in East Boulder, she immediately pounced at Carl, and the two of them danced and wrestled around while I got the rest of their packmates out of the packmobile. Imogene briefly joined in the fray, while Rey and Zoey minded their manners. Once we were walking, Lizzo still just wanted playtime with Carl, so she kept trying to lunge across in front of me to get to him. It took a little while, but she eventually accepted that it was walking time, and settled into place. Everyone accepted a drink from the CamelBak about halfway through the walk. We saw a lot of birds hanging out around a pond where the Wonderland Creek Path meets up with Boulder Creek Path, out east of Foothills Parkway. Rey was fixated on the fowl as we passed by. When we started making our way back, Lizzo thought it was a good time to try to play with Carl again. It took another couple minutes for her to get back on track with the walking, but her packmates all set good examples for her to follow.


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