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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The cascade at the crossing to the Saddle Rock Trail is more of a gentle spill now. Riley still went for it, but not with the gusto she did when it was running faster. Dylan lay down in the water, as usual, to make sure he got his belly wet. Sputnik and Ruffers just poked around in the water. The overcast weather kept the sun from beating down on us, and Dylan led the way for most of the hike today. Still, the humidity made it feel hot even in the shade, so we took a casual pace.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Imogene, and Rey all hopped right into the creek when we stopped there early on in our walk. Lizzo hung out on the bank for a while before lying down, dipping her front paws in the water, and then splashing about for a bit. Rey was hanging out in the water when, all of a sudden, she leapt all the way out, over Carl, and landed on the bank. Imogene was less stuck on playing with Carl this afternoon; however, she and Imogene hopped and wrestled around with each other for a minute, during the return leg of our walk.

Gidget and Blu enjoyed their own, shorter walk with Jen. Blu set the pace as he hurried toward shaded spots and then lingered when they reached them. Gidget followed along with her brother - shade-hopping, and sniffing around in all the spots where he sniffed.

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