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Wednesday Pack Activities (4/3/2024)

Adventure Pack

Everybody huddled around the trunk of a tree on the Royal Arch Trail, trying to get a good sniff of whatever missive had been left there. Further up the trail, Dylan and Bear found a patch of snow to enjoy. Lucy was excited watching them have fun, and jumped around a bit with Bear. Yesterday's mud was mostly dried up; even Ruffers came away from the hike relatively clean. No bobcat sightings today, but I kept everyone on leash when we passed through the stretch of trail where we saw it yesterday.

Variety Pack

Lumi and Buddy were quick to wade into the water at Wonderland Lake while Alfie and Griff stayed on dry land at first. Once Griff decided to get his paws wet, Alfie followed him in, lifting his legs up awkwardly with each step. Alfie found a clump of grass in the water and entertained himself by nipping at it and tossing it around. On our way around the pond, we saw a horse and rider coming down the mountain. Alfie was the first to notice, and kept looking back over his shoulder to keep tabs on them as they gradually gained on us from a distance. Lumi was next to become aware of the uncommon sight, and began doing the same. They ended up pausing while still a ways behind us, and never caught up to us; Griff and Buddy never took notice, but Alfie continued to look over his shoulder for the entire remainder of the walk, as if they were about to hop out from a bush and overtake us at any moment.


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