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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers roamed the Red Rocks Trails together this morning, while Lou and Sputnik followed on leash behind me. Whatever work the helicopters were doing yesterday appeared to be done, as the trails were all opened back up. We did our usual circuit, up and down and up and down different sides of the mountain. The dogs all enjoyed a couple breaks in Farmers Ditch along the way. We encountered a big bull snake during our final descent. None of the dogs reacted at all. We waited for a minute until the snake slithered away from the middle of the trail, and then continued down to finish our outing along the west end of Boulder Creek.

Variety Pack

Carl and Lizzo had a blast wrestling around at the house before our walk, while Rey and Zoey had their own sparring session. Clover and Imogene kept out of the fray, and the wild ones had to be interrupted a few times to cool their jets. We headed out for our walk along the Bear Creek Greenway, and everyone did a good job of walking in formation together for most of the time. Imogene's playful side came out a couple times early on during the walk, and she tried to get Carl and Clover to join in her antics. Carl was quick to throw in with her; Clover was less responsive to the invitation, but did dodge around a little bit. Lizzo crossed over from the other side when she saw Imogene and Carl having fun, but then I got everyone back on track and moving forward together, and the rest of the walk after that was actually quite smooth and orderly.


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