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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik led the way up to Farmers Ditch, and Dylan lay down in it while Ruffers and Sputnik waded around and took a drink. The trails at Settlers Park were especially empty today. We didn't come across any other hikers. We took our time walking up the west end of the Boulder Creek Path afterwards, and looping our way around Eben G. Fine Park. Eben G. Fine was a little more busy, so the pack and I just took in the scenery as we strolled.

Variety Pack

Rey, Carl, Zoey, Lizzo, and Imogene all had a blast at Foothills Dog Park this afternoon. It was relatively hot and sunny, but not too bad, so the dogs enjoyed running around a bit. Our loops around the park got shorter and shorter, with the dogs shortcutting back to the shaded shelter at earlier and earlier points with each trip. We only encountered a handful of other dogs. An Australian Cattle Dog herded Lizzo around early on, while Imogene and Zoey raced for tennis balls. Once the Australian Cattle Dog left, Lizzo turned her attention to chasing after Imogene when Imogene chased after balls. Rey ran around a little bit early on, but then ran out of steam and mostly just trotted the path behind me. Carl bounced around between his packmates, seeing what everyone was up to and trying to be a part of it. Rey and Zoey kept pawing at the water bowl and tipping it over, causing me to have to refill it for them and the other dogs repeatedly.


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