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Wednesday Pack Activities (5/10/2023)

Adventure Pack

There was a light drizzle as Dylan, Avo, Bear and Archie took to the trails at the Chautauqua this morning. It eventually subsided but the dogs were all wet by then and the grass was also laden with precipitation which readily transferred to fur coats as the pack explored. Avo took off at one point, around the same part of the trail where Bear had been very stubborn on Monday. She eventually returned with a glob of drool striped across the top of her snout - a sure sign that she was having fun, whatever she had been doing. Once she was back on leash, Dylan was the only one I trusted to let off for the rest of the hike. Bear's performance on Monday didn't inspire confidence, and I was concerned that Avo's bad example would be followed by her packmates. Archie kept jumping on Bear and Avo throughout the hike. Avo was annoyed by the advances but Bear responded with play bows and dodges. Archie didn't try messing with Dylan.


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