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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails at the Chautauqua were pretty quiet again today. Ruffers was very happy to greet a pair of Australian Cattle Dogs named Tula and Foxy, who also came around and said hello to the rest of the pack. Sputnik kept his cool while the pair took turns coming over to sniff him and Carl. Dylan led the way for the entire hike, except when we reached the crossroads where the Chautauqua Trail meets the Bluebell-Baird trail. Dylan thought that continuing up the mountain was the wrong choice, and he tried to make that clear by starting down the Bluebell-Baird Trail, but he eventually relented and came up the trail toward the Flatirons with me and the others.

Variety Pack

Avo, Lizzo, and Rey all had a lot of fun running and playing with some new friends at the Foothills Dog Park this afternoon. Avo and Lizzo each played a bit of fetch, as well. They were both a bit spotty about actually returning with the ball, but they got treats and praise when they did. Rey raced all around with tri-color dog, and then later with Avo while Lizzo followed behind them. The pack all gave a warm welcome to a young Bernese Mountain Dog named Murphy who was on his second-ever dog park visit. Avo was the first to run up and make a display of play-bows when Murphy entered the park. Rey and Lizzo soon followed up.


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