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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The sun brought out the hikers today, both human and canine. Dylan was first to greet dogs we came upon. Ruffers followed up behind him with an eager bounce in her step. Dylan had a totally different plan for our route today. When we reached the crest of the Chautauqua Trail, he started north toward Gregory Canyon and then looked back over his shoulder at me. He wasn't set on that course, and came along up toward the Flatiron Loop without any fuss. Sputnik again drank a bit less water today, but still outdid his packmates by a hefty margin.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Rey had some fun playing one-on-one before our walk today, as the rest of the usual Wednesday crew was out for the day. We then headed to Valmont Park to walk the Goose Creek Greenway toward Boulder Creek. The pair of them sniffed around at grassy patches beside the trail in a zealously haphazard manner. After the walk, they got a little more playtime at Rey's house when I accidentally brought Imogene out at first, instead of Rey. Rey was stoked to have a friend over, and they chased and wrestled for a bit before I took Imogene home.

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