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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Ruffers, and Dylan hiked the quiet Chautauqua Trails towards Enchanted Mesa this morning. We encountered a a few joggers, one of whom had a couple canine companions. Ruffers greeted them by bouncing around playfully with them, when they came up from behind us. At one point, Dylan had a burst of energy after sniffing around in the brush. He ran back to the trail, past me and Sputnik. Ruffers saw the opportunity to make a chase of it, and the two of them ran a short way up the trail together.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Carl, Rey, and Lizzo couldn't get enough of the twigs in the field by the basketball courts along the Bear Creek Greenway. They went from one to the next, grabbing them and chewing them up. Zoey sniffed around in the field with them, but didn't bother with the twigs. When we were on the move, Rey had the same habit as yesterday, of putting her nose to the ground and trying to drag us off the path. The rest of the pack stayed pretty much in place and on pace together.


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