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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers had a fun time in the snow at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Dylan rolled around in it a number of times. Ruffers bounded through it with a big smile on her face. They stopped to sniff a downed pine across the trail. After that, we met a friendly yellow Lab pup, with whom Ruffers had a fun time pouncing and dodging about. Later on, we encountered a few other friendly dogs who ran by, and Dylan and Ruffers joined in with a straggler for a short jog.

Variety Pack

Snow was coming down heavily as we walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. The snow brought out Imogene's playful side, as she kept dipping her head down to grab mouthfuls of it, and she pulled ahead as she was eager to get to the next bite. The rest of the pack were a bit tamer throughout the walk. Lou shook snow off of herself every now and then, while Zoey and Carl just let it gather on them. I didn't notice Imogene or Rey shaking off, but the snow didn't seem to stick to them quite like it did to the others.


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