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Wednesday Pack Activities (7/19/2023)

Adventure Pack

The cloudy skies made for decent hiking weather, so the pack headed up to Anemone Trail from The Peoples' Crossing today. Avo and Bear did a fair bit of running around the trails while they had off-leash time on the ascent; Griff and Dylan didn't wander far when they were off-leash for the descent. There was a small lizard on a rock at one of the shady spots where the pack stopped for a water break, but none of the dogs noticed it.

Variety Pack

Archie and Lumi had fun wrestling around at the house before the pack walk this afternoon. Meanwhile, Sanni was trying to get Alfie's attention while Alfie just wanted to climb into my lap. Sanni then climbed into my lap from the other side to be able to lick Alfie's face. We headed out to Bear Creek Greenway for our pack walk. The afternoon cool-down and continued cloud-cover made for a pleasant stroll. The apparent downpour in Central Boulder that was responsible for the cool-down completely missed us, but we heard the thunder rumbling in the distance. Sanni and Archie were again drawn toward dogs we passed on the path, while Lumi and Alfie kept on course without distraction.


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