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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Dylan planted themselves in the paths of hikers on our way up the mountain today, and the hikers were typically happy to oblige them with some pets. A few passed by without paying the toll, but the boys didn't press the issue. Something caught Avo's attention when we were on the Bluebell-Mesa Trail, and she started running off. Ruffers perked up and then followed. Avo made a wide arc and then returned to the trail. Ruffers continued on a little bit and then turned around. I wonder whether they noticed a deer that escaped my limited human perception, or if there was some other wildlife in the area.

Variety Pack

Zoey enjoyed her birthday today, walking the Bear Creek Path Carl, Rey, and Imogene. She was surprisingly content to stick to the path for most of the walk, and only requested one stop along the way. Everybody's noses went to the ground for a minute as they investigated the area. When we stopped in Martin Park at the end of the walk, Zoey found some twigs to munch on before everybody posed for the pack photo.


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