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Wednesday Pack Activities (8/23/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear rushed ahead to get into Silver Lake Ditch first while Avo kept pace with Dylan and Ruffers who were both on leash with me. As we continued toward the northern end of Red Rocks Trail, where it comes close to Silver Lake Ditch again, Bear and Avo followed the same pattern. Dylan perked up and then started to pull forward and get growly. I looked ahead and around, but didn't see anything other than Bear enjoying the water. Dylan was in a highly alert state as we continued to approach the ditch, but I never saw anything and his packmates didn't react to anything either. On the other side of the mountain, when Dylan and Ruffers were roaming off-leash together, Dylan jolted to the edge of the trail where it slopes down into a heavily-wooded crevasse, and let out a few curt barks. Ruffers came up beside him on full alert. I got them both back on leash and looked down but didn't see whatever they had picked up on. We finished out the hike without any other mysterious encounters.

Variety Pack

After making our first stop in Eben G. Fine Park for the pack to sniff around the westernmost tree within the grassy park area, Zoey didn't request any additional stops. Instead, Taco and Alfie were the ones initiating most of our detours so they could sniff and pee. Buddy got a bit worked up about the dogs we saw frolicking through the grassy park and playing fetch. The rest of the pack stayed calm and orderly. We made a stop at Boulder Creek, where Alfie and Buddy stayed dry on the stone steps while Carl, Zoey, Lumi and Taco all climbed into the water. Lumi rubbed around in the sandy dirt as soon as everyone got out of the water, while I was re-adjusting leashes to get back to walking. Him, Carl, and Zoey were our most well-mannered walkers today, but Alfie, Buddy and Taco all did pretty well, too. Thursday is usually our all-blonde afternoon, but we ended up with a bigger group of blondes today than ever.

Bonus Pack

A new pack member had her first outing today - Monkey! Monkey is Taco's new little Golden Retriever sister. Dylan accompanied Monkey on a short neighborhood walk with Jen while the Variety Pack was off to Boulder Creek. Monkey was a scattered mess at the beginning of the walk, but fell into rhythm before long as Dylan provided a good example to our newest little pack member.


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