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Wednesday Pack Activities (8/30/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear mostly led the way up the trail today while Ruffers followed closely behind me and Dylan. Every so often, Bear would fall back and linger with Ruffers to sniff around. The dogs made the most of all of our stops at Silver Lake Ditch. Dylan and Bear led the way back together while Ruffers was on leash with me. The trails were nearly empty today. We only saw a few people around the base of the red rocks formation, and nobody else while we hiked. Boulder Creek Path was a little busier as we spent the latter part of our pack outing there.

Variety Pack

Buddy and Lumi ganged up wrestling with Archie before our walk, and Archie loved every minute of the attention. We headed to Bear Creek Greenway with decent cloud cover for our walk. After a bit of pulling and tangling of leashes between Archie and Buddy at the outset, we got into a steady pace. I had to keep Buddy on Lumi's side because otherwise he kept wanting to tackle Archie. Archie and Buddy were more interested than Lumi in taking drinks from the Camelbak, but Lumi had his head doused with cool water. He still drank a little, but not as eagerly as his packmates.


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