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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Hikers were again eager to dole out some love to the pack on the trails today. Sputnik and Dylan made sure to put themselves in positions where they might elicit such a reaction as people went by, so they received the most attention. Avo kept flopping down on the trail in between spurts of playful running through the fields. Ruffers made a lot of stops to sniff at the edge of the trail, both when she was off leash and when she was on.

Variety Pack

Carl and Zoe had tons of fun wrestling around before our afternoon walk. Meanwhile, Imogene and Rey had their own play session. Zoey was interested in joining in with Imogene and Rey but I kept her out of it since she isn't supposed to be rough-housing. We headed to the Bear Creek Greenway for our afternoon walk. We were approached by a swarm of little children who wanted to pet all the dogs. I warned them that Carl was shy. He proved my point by hanging back, grumbling and woofing, while his packmates got some pets from the kids. After that, the dogs spent the rest of the time walking nicely in formation.


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