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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo was wandering through the brush downhill from the trail as we made our way back toward the Gregory Canyon trail head. I noticed her start to move off with some purpose, so I called to her. Suddenly, Dylan took off through the brush in the same direction. There was a bit of barking, but I couldn't see anything in the dense brush. Avo ran back to the trail after a moment but Dylan lingered. I scanned the area and looked up for a treed bear but didn't see anything, so the cause of their outburst will forever be a mystery. Ruffers and Sputnik were on leash with me at the time, and neither of them seemed to pick up on whatever had their packmates' interests.

Variety Pack

Jen joined the pack walk to lend a hand again this afternoon. She again took Zoey, Carl and Sputnik. Meanwhile, I managed Archie, Riley, Sanni, Imogene, Milo, and Rey. Archie desperately wanted to play with the others at the house, but he was so over-the-top with excitement that they were mostly avoiding him. Sputnik and Riley found a few moments to convey their disapproval with stern barks. Sputnik seemed especially self-satisfied with speaking his mind to the wild puppy. Sanni hopped around with him a bit. When we first set out for our walk at the Bear Creek Greenway, Archie was about as much of a handful as the rest of the pack combined, at least for the first third of the walk. He eventually settled into pace, but still was interested in trying to get Rey to play with him. Rey did her best to send the message that it was time for walking and not playing, by keeping her focus ahead and shifting positions with Imogene so Archie couldn't get to her as easily. Zoey made sure the pack made our obligatory stop at the mile-marker boulder by the basketball courts, even though she wasn't particularly interested in sniffing around. Sanni and Archie got a chance to hop around with each other a little bit more after the walk, while the others were tuckered out.

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