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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a hot morning. As we approached the stream at the Saddle Rock Trail by Gregory Canyon with Dylan leading the way, Avo raced him to the water and beat him there. The two of them promptly lay down to get as wet as they could. Ruffers and Sputnik followed behind with me and just waded through, pausing to take a drink before we moved on. Avo and Ruffers were ready to ascend the mountain today but Sputnik and Dylan hung back and refused to follow once the trail started getting steeper. We turned back and then headed up the Gregory Canyon Trail, which has a gentler ascent. Cloudy skies and a welcome breeze made the last stretch of our hike a bit more comfortable.

Variety Pack

Carl, Mamacita, Zoey and Sputnik walked with Jen this afternoon while Imogene, Lou, Griff, Sanni, Racer, and Archie were with me. We all headed to the Bear Creek Path, with gray skies helping to mitigate the heat a bit. Mamacita insisted on lying down in the grass at Martin Park at the beginning of the walk, so the pack hung out there for a little bit. Sanni and Archie wrestled around with each other a bit. They weren't especially aware of their surroundings, so I tried to steer them away from trampling their packmates who were lounging. Once we got moving again, Mamacita did a pretty good job of keeping up with a moderate pace. Archie had a hard time accepting that it was no longer play time, and he kept trying to mount Sanni for a while. Meanwhile, Racer and Sanni were walking pretty well but pulled ahead and off to the side on and off. Griff, Lou and Imogene were model walkers throughout, which made it easier to focus on keeping the others on track. Despite having already hiked in the morning, Sputnik kept Jen and her group on the move along with Carl. We made one stop at the mile marker by the basketball courts, which was enough to satisfy Zoey today.


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