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Wednesday Pack Activities (9/28/2022)

Adventure Pack

Avo was off running as soon as she got off leash at the Chautauqua today, but she didn't go too far. She circled me, Ruffers and Dylan as we made our way up the mountain. She came across a nice branch with several offshoots to chew away at, and looked very proud of herself as we approached. On our way back down the mountain, an off-leash dog came running through the brush while his human jogged down the trail. Dylan and Ruffers hurried over to check the dog out while Avo got some practice with minding her manners as I had her sit and wait next to me. She got a treat for her good performance; Dylan and Ruffers got treats when they returned to me after their greeting.

Variety Pack

Zoey wanted to do more sniffing than usual today as we made our way through Eben G. Fine Park. Carl was eager to check out every tree and lamppost alongside her, lifting his leg more often than not. Archie - oblivious to this - walked right up next to Carl mid-stream and got his leg marked. I made sure to bring the pack down to the creek after that, so Archie's paw could get rinsed off. Imogene walked perfectly at my side, a step back, as she always does. She joined in sniffing here and there, but wasn't so intent on it. Sometimes she just poked her head through my legs from behind and looked up at me to request some love while her packmates put their noses to work.


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