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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo splashed through Farmers Ditch on our way up to the red rocks at The Peoples' Crossing. Dylan lay down to get thoroughly soaked, while Ruffers waded around. Sputnik waited until everyone else had gotten out before he decided to go in himself, and then the others joined him back in the water. Dylan had an upset stomach and vomited up his breakfast on the bank of the ditch, but still had an appetite for treats when I doled them out a couple times, a little later in the outing.

Variety Pack

Archie and Kona were pretty playful with each other upon meeting this afternoon; however, Archie kept getting overly enthusiastic and jumping straight at Kona's face, which earned him a single, stern bark each time. On the walk, Kona gave Archie the cold shoulder when Archie kept trying to jump on her, and then she moved to my opposite side to get a little distance. Archie settled down after that, and the rest of the walk went pretty smoothly except when Kona slipped out of her collar. She stayed nearby but was hesitant to approach the pack because Archie kept getting excited and trying to jump at her each time she got close. I eventually got Archie to sit and wait politely along with the rest of the pack, and then I got Kona back, with her collar adjusted to not be so loose. Zoey, Imogene, Carl, Lou, and Racer were all pretty easy and accommodating as I handled the situation.


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