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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Ruffers and Avo enjoyed a dip in the Silver Lake Ditch on our way up the Red Rocks Trails this morning. Avo splashed through and then found a stick on the bank to chew on, Dylan lay down for a good soak, and Ruffers waded around. A little bit later, we encountered an on-leash dog at the crest of the mountain where it overlooks downtown. Ruffers and Avo were off leash at the time, while Dylan was with me. Avo immediately came back to me and Dylan when I called her. Ruffers stopped her advance and stood in place, contemplating her options, before eventually deciding to listen to me and leave the leashed dog be.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Imogene and Rey had some cloud cover as they walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Rey was eager to get in the water, but didn't linger there. The rest of the pack just wet their paws. It was a pretty quiet afternoon - no tubers, no geese, very few bicyclists and skateboarders. Zoey had us stop at one of her favorite big trees in Eben G. Fine Park after she skipped over her first couple usual stops.

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