Friday, April 14th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Coco, and Sputnik all stopped to get their paws wet and have a drink from the stream by the Mesa Trail which has been flowing fast and clear with snow melt lately. Isaac, never one to miss an opportunity to get wet, took things a step further by flopping right down in the stream for a good soak. It was a busy day on the trails and we saw several other dogs along the way. Coco and Sputnik stayed calm and polite even when we passed a rambunctious, young German Shepherd who was jumping around and pulling at the leash. I don't know if it's the warmer weather that has brought this more mellow demeanor with it, but it has been nice to have our more testy pack members comporting themselves more calmly lately.

Variety Pack

Thompson was doing well sticking with the pack and out of the muck for a while today, but the bug got him eventually and he wandered off to a nice little pond of black liquid. Meanwhile, Ruffers, Coco, and Colby were enjoying some games of chase in the open field alongside the trail, as Colby had her first off-leash time with the pack in open space. Colby did a good job of sticking with the pack and coming when called. She was visibly tempted to join her willful elder packmate in the muck a few times but I was successful in redirecting her attention and keeping her dry until we got to the pond where the water was clearer and the dogs were able to cool off without getting too messy. Stella spent the whole walk trotting along dutifully behind me, only stopping a few times to sniff out some interesting spots and to linger briefly in a shallow stream that feeds the pond.