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Wednesday, May 3rd

Adventure pack

It was cool and rainy for most of our hike this morning but the sun came out for the last stretch. Due to the weather, the trails were pretty much empty. We only encountered a few other hikers and no dogs on the way. But Coco, Colby, Sputnik, and Mamacita made the most of each other's company. All four of them hopped around making bows and other playful moves with each other after sniffing around the trailhead at the outset of the hike. After that initial romp, they all settled into a pretty steady pace for the rest of the hike.

Variety Pack

We had another new member join the pack for his first outing today: Cooper! Cooper is Coco's cousin through human parentage and has joined the pack while in town for the season. He was instantly enjoying himself at the park this afternoon as he was even quicker than Ruffers to go make new friends and start playing. His enthusiasm went a little too far as he started mounting his playmates. Coco attempted to interrupt his advances by rushing over and barking at him whenever she noticed him in the act, though Cooper remained undeterred until I went over and removed him. He backed off without complaint when the other dogs told him off, but it seemed he could have gone on all day when found a dog who was complacent. Meanwhile, a Rottweiler caught the interests of both Mamacita and Ruffers. The two of them simultaneously vied for the young male's attention by play-bowing, spinning, hip-checking, and pawing at him with great enthusiasm. For all their efforts, they only got a few playful dodges out of him before he headed off to meet more dogs. Thompson helped introduce a 6-month-old Spaniel to the park by going over and hanging out with her humans and lending his calm, sweet energy. When he headed off to go explore, the Spaniel puppy followed behind him until he ventured too far away, at which point the Spaniel turned around and rushed back to mom and dad.