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Wednesday, June 7th

Adventure Pack

Colby was on the more skittish side as we hiked the Chautauqua this morning. She skittered over to the side of the trail to let other hikers pass and kept spinning around to scope out hikers who were behind us. Then, about halfway through the hike, we came across a group of hikers who were sitting along the trail and who wanted to say hello to the dogs. Colby backed off at first while Sputnik went straight up to them to get some pats and love. Coco and Mamacita stood in the shade, showing total disinterest in the humans as they neither shied away nor expended any effort to approach. After Sputnik got some attention, Colby was emboldened to go up to one girl and let her give her some pets. Coco and Mamacita took some coaxing to get them to leave their rest area and head back down the mountain, but we eventually got moving again.

Variety Pack

The park was empty but for one Golden Retriever when we first arrived. The pack all sniffed their hellos as we passed by along our route around the perimeter. Before long, a few other dogs showed up. No one had much energy, save for a playful German Wirehaired Pointer who ran by the pack a few times without any success in sparking a chase. Sanaya and Coco both half-heartedly chased down some tennis balls. Ruffers and Coco got into a little bit of a wrestle when I was giving them each a scratch side-by-side, but they weren't overly spirited in that engagement either. Thompson took his time walking the park and I massaged his chest and shoulders a bit since he was looking slightly stiffer than usual today.