Wednesday, July 12th

Adventure Pack

The relatively cool and overcast weather allowed us to hike up the Anemone Trail without having to turn back halfway. The pack was energetic the whole way up and then we took a break to enjoy the scenery and drink some water before making our way back down. Colby played scout on the descent as she kept running up ahead and then waiting for the rest of us to catch up, while Ruffers brought up the rear, with Sputnik and Mamacita on leash at my side. Sputnik gave Ruffers a lot of attention today. He licked her ears a bit and even laid a paw on her back a few times, which earned him a stern retort from the lady in question. He then began play-bowing in front of her in an attempt to woo her with a more polite manner.

Variety Pack

The overcast weather continued through the afternoon which made a leisurely hike at the CU South Campus trails all the more enjoyable. Of course, the dogs still happily took the opportunity to hop in the ditch and splash around a bit. Thompson, who has been sitting out pack activities on the very hot days, was happy to be out with his friends again today. Isaac and Coco trotted along very nicely with me. Our newest pack member, Zoey, has done well when I've let her off leash. One of the times when I called her back to me today, she came right to me and then continued on through my legs to come out behind me. It seems she is feeling pretty comfortable with me and the pack!