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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Benny joined the pack this morning and we headed to the CU South Campus trails. Coco and Rucksack had fun running through the snow packed into the ditch we crossed when we first set out. Further up the trail, Sputnik went off leash with them and they all enjoyed splashing around in the melted water of the ditch that runs along the outer edge of the trail. Mamacita was very mellow today and just trotted along in place at my side. My sister, Heather - who is visiting from Rhode Island - also joined us for the hike and snapped some photos of me with the pack. She also entertained Rucksack by throwing a stick for him to fetch during the latter part of our hike.

Variety Pack

Thompson made friends with a dog who looked like he may have been a Border Collie/Husky mix. The dog hopped around Thompson playfully while Thompson followed him. Thompson couldn't keep up with the play moves but he was happy to have the interaction and followed that dog around for a while. Meanwhile, Isaac, Coco, and Zoey all played some fetch. Zoey has recently developed the habit of digging a hole while she has a tennis ball set beside it, but she never leaves the ball in the hole so I'm not sure what her idea is. Isaac flopped around in the puddle that formed - as it often does, lately - over the drain for the water spigot at the south end of the park.

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