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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed up the 2nd/3rd Flatiron Loop this morning after the dogs took a good, long while sniffing around at the trail head. Racer almost stayed with the pack today, but she kept edging slightly ahead. It was still a big improvement over her early walks with the pack, and it is encouraging to see her on a trend of walking better and better on leash over time. Sputnik was in a calm, pleasant mood as we passed other dogs along the trails. Griff stopped to sniff hello a couple times. Colby grew a bit anxious at one point when we approached someone who was stopped on the trail. She whimpered as we got closer, so I gave the other hiker a wide berth to make sure Colby didn't jump and freak them out.

Variety Pack

Mamacita was super excited to join the pack for this afternoon's outing. Rey was equally excited to greet her, and hopped out of the car to say hello before Mamacita had a chance to get in. Out on the trail at CU South Campus, Milo, Zoey, and Rey all ran around together a bit. Zoey was the center of attention. Rey chased her, jumping up at her face, while Milo followed from behind, barking with enthusiasm. Later on in the walk, Mamacita flopped down to wiggle in the grass, and Rey ran over to play-bow and wrestle around with her. Isaac was really worked up to get out on the trail when we first set out, but he settled down pretty quickly and walked very nicely alongside Mamacita, throughout.

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