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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoe was pumped to get out on the trails with her friends. When we parked by the Chautauqua, she barked with enthusiasm. She pulled a bit more than average on the leash, as that enthusiasm carried on throughout the hike. Meanwhile, Mamacita seemed to be feeling a little off as she kept wanting to pull over, to stand around and nibble on grass. She was more eager to take water than usual, and she seemed a little more invigorated after each water break. Ruffers followed her usual habit of hanging behind the pack, while Sputnik stuck right alongside us even for most of the time he spent off leash.

Variety Pack

Rey was immediately greeted by a pair of young pups at the Valmont Dog Park. She mixed it up with them both for a while. One looked like a Pit mix and the other was some kind of shepherd, and they were both around 6 months old. Zoey got excited by all the puppy play and started to follow them around while barking at them. I brought her aside to let the little ones have their fun, and found a tennis ball to keep her occupied with some fetch. Milo wandered around the park a bit. Later on, Milo showed off his playful side by wiggling around in the grass and making funny noises. This caught Rey's attention, and soon Mile, Rey, and Zoey were all running around with each other. Rey met back up with the Pit mix later on and the two of them continued their wrestling. At some point, while they were chewing at each other's faces, Rey's gum got nicked. The bleeding was minor and stopped after a minute. Rey didn't even seem to notice it, but the bright red spots she was leaving as she gnawed on various body parts of her playmate tipped us off. We had the puppies take a break at that point, and then her new friend headed out. The last bit of our park visit was spent walking around and greeting some bigger, calmer dogs.

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