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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik soaked up the love again today when some hikers stopped and asked to pet the dogs. Racer followed up for some pets as well. Colby seemed on the verge of going up to say hello as she watched and whimpered with ambivalence from a short distance. Griff was indifferent and just stood in place until they moved on. Racer had one of her best days walking on leash, as she barely pulled at all. The whole pack was in the mood to sniff today. Everyone was quick to head into the brush beside the trail to investigate the odors there whenever we made a stop along the way.

Variety Pack

We took a very slow pace at first, as Benny, Oliver, and Zoey all meandered through the grassy park, sniffing around to find the right places to relieve themselves. Our pace gradually picked up after they finished their business, and the pack enjoyed a quiet, pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Path. Isaac found a spot to wiggle in the grass when we passed through the park again on our way back. Surprisingly, Mamacita did not partake.

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