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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Colby had a good time exploring together as we hiked the Enchanted Mesa this morning. After passing several hikers with dogs when we first branched off from Bluebell Road, the trail was pretty empty. I worked with Racer to build on her ever-improving leash-walking manners. Meanwhile, Sputnik trotted along nicely and stopped every now and then to leave scent marks along the way.

Variety Pack

Benny, Oliver, Mamacita, Zoey, and Isaac all enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. We made several stops along the way so everyone could sniff around. Benny, Mamacita, and Zoey also took the opportunity to leave scent marks at several spots. Mamacita almost flopped down to wiggle in the grass at one point, but she hesitated and then decided against it.

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