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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Colby ran around together a bit, but mostly just explored the brush side-by-side today. Racer licked up melted puddles in the ice as we made our way over some broad expanses. At one point in the hike, while I was cleaning up after Sputnik did his business, a Husky came up and sniffed hello with him while my back was turned and Sputnik didn't growl a peep or otherwise act untoward in any way - he just sniffed hello along with his packmates.

Variety Pack

Cooper was full of enthusiasm and barking at every dog we drove by on our way to Martin Park to walk the Bear Creek Path. At the start of the walk, Rey, Ruffers, and Zoey all hopped around with each other a bit. They eventually settled down and enjoyed a pleasant walk alongside Cooper, Isaac, and Milo.

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